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Visual art submissions are accepted via email, not here. See our website for details.

Until we reach our Submittable-allotted monthly free submissions limit, there is no fee to submit, but free submissions fill up quickly. Thereafter you may submit via the Tip Jar. There are always two free-submissions windows during each reading period. Tip Jar submissions are a vital source of the income that allows us to run day-to-day, and are hugely appreciated. Your donation will not go to any of the editors: All editors at Into the Void are unpaid volunteers.


Into the Void is committed to paying writers and artists. At present we offer $10 per poem, flash fiction or visual art piece, and $20 per long-form prose piece; plus a contributor copy and one-year online subscription to Into the Void. While we know these rates won't make you rich, they are nevertheless symbolic of our commitment to supporting writers and artists as well as our intentions to continually increase these rates whenever possible. Payments will be sent via PayPal only. PayPal accounts are free, and PayPal funds can be deposited into bank accounts at no charge. Because running a literary magazine is immensely difficult financially, any and all support is hugely appreciated (subscribe, or buy an issue!).

Editor-in-Chief Philip Elliott will provide an in-depth analysis of your story of up to 7,000 words in big-picture terms (for more info on this and the other services Philip offers, visit

What is a Developmental Edit?

Developmental editing is the intensive and thorough examination of your story in big picture terms, focusing on the core intentions and goals of the story, the premise, the impact of the opening and ending, the economy and value of scenes in the middle, plot and character arcs, character development, pacing, what is essential/inessential, tension, intrigue, dialogue, language, imagery, sensory description, style, tone, narrative voice—the craft of the story and artistic intentions of the work.

When Does My Story Need a Developmental Edit?

When you have taken your story as far as you can by yourself but it is not finished to the standard you want it to be, or when you are not having much luck getting a story or stories published.

What is the Process?

I will read your story through several times looking at it from different angles and taking detailed notes under multiple headings, consolidating these notes into a clear, in-depth, and easy-to-understand review.

The review will offer examples of areas in the story that need work, with possible solutions, as well as highlighting what you’re doing right. I will also insert these extensive notes directly on your manuscript with Microsoft Word’s Track Changes function at each area to which they apply, making it easy for you to read/flick through your manuscript page by page and see each comment in chronological order.

How Long Does it Take?

 The current turnaround is about six weeks.

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