Ends on October 31, 2018

$12.00 CAD



1st Place: $1000 + publication on the website and in a print issue of Into the Void
2nd Place: $100 + publication on the website and in a print issue of Into the Void
3rd Place: $100 + publication on the website


August 1st: Submissions open
November 1st: Submissions close
December 1st: Shortlist announced
December 14th: Winners announced


  • Stories must be a maximum of 5000 words. The word count will be strongly enforced: a story of 5001 words is invalid and will be rejected without refund.
  • There is no minimum word count but writers are encouraged to submit stories longer than 1000 words as very short stories and flash fiction may find it difficult to compete with longer works. However, an excellent story is an excellent story.
  • Stories must be unpublished in all formats including personal websites and blogs.
  • Stories must contain no identifying information in the document or in the title of the document or in the ‘Title’ section within Submittable as submissions are read blind in keeping with Into the Void’s ethos of fairness and equality. The blindness policy will be strongly enforced: a submission that includes identifying information will be rejected without refund.
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed but submissions must be withdrawn immediately when accepted elsewhere and will not be refunded.
  • This contest is open to writers based anywhere in the world.


Each entry of a single short story costs $12 Canadian. There is no limit to entries per person, but submitting more than two stories is probably not a good idea. Submit your very best. The money received from entries will go toward the prize money and anything extra will be used to cover the many costs of running Into the Void as well as to continue building Into the Void Press, for which we have big plans over the coming years. None of the money received will go to any of the editors or other staff of Into the Void; 100% of the money will go to Into the Void in pursuit of its mission to be a passionate home to excellent art.


Into the Void editor-in-chief and fiction editor Philip Elliott will judge the contest. To Philip a good story is, more than anything else, about character. A good story is concise, making every word count; clear, the language logical and easy to understand; specific, every choice of word, description, and detail carefully considered; and vivid, making excellent use of imagery and sensory description. Good stories often contain beautiful sentences but never at the expense of the story. Good stories don’t spoon-feed readers with backstory and exposition; instead, they dive right in, hooking readers quickly and raising a new question each time they answer one, intriguing readers enough to keep them reading. Good stories don’t force emotion in the reader; rather they allow the action of the story to provoke emotion in the reader naturally. Finally, it is through their use of dialogue that good stories truly come alive. Good dialogue speaks perpendicular to the action; it’s musical and alive, snappy and flowing like jazz. Learn more about Philip and his writing at his website.


Submit one short story of up to 5000 words per entry at the button below. In submitting to the competition you are giving Into the Void First World Publication Rights should your story be a winner. All rights revert back to the author immediately following publication.

**N.B. All entries are read blind. Do not include any identifying information anywhere in the document or in the document name or in the ‘Title’ section in Submittable.**